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About Me

About Me

"I'm a gypsy wondering the earth in search for truth, love, and knowledge. Following her heart desires, going beyond boundaries, and society stereotypes."

I have a daughter and a wonderful fiancé I'm planning to live  the rest of my life with. I also have two lazy cats and a dog who give them hell. In my spare time I enjoy painting, watching movies, blogging, shopping, and gardening. I also love to travel (when I have the money) l and visit the beach. I love to walk barefooted along the coast white sand beneath my feet staring into the horizon at the sunset.

My Lust for Books

I grew up in Southern Louisiana. On weekends I would enjoy visit my great grandmother, who lived in the countryside. I would climb tree, run through a wide open pasture, and play outside all day until the sunset. I was very shy growing up and only talked to very few friends. So I spent most of my time with my head in the books.

I enjoy reading YA, Paranormal Romance, Horror, Suspense, Self-Help, and Chick-lit. As a child most of my adventures started with a book. It would allow me to explore and go into a unknown land. It allowed me to be creative and imaginative. Now that I'm older books have become a sweet escape. I could curl up with a blanket on a cold rainy day and read a good book. Also, I could sit outside or visit the beach with a good book in hand. I decided to become a book blogger so I can keep account of the books I've read.

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